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Candie Photo

Candie – Marketing Coordinator, CDA

Candie joined Dr. Robinson's team in 2008 and greets everyone that walks through the door with a smiling face. She has lots of fun with her coworkers and enjoys chatting with patients when they come in for their appointments. Candie loves seeing the amazing transformations our patients make as they undergo orthodontics. In her free time, Candie and her husband, Jeff, love family time, traveling, and watching sports. They are proud parents of Jeffery and Aaron, both US Marines and daughter Avery, who is a graduate of UNCW.

Christy Photo

Christy – Scheduling Coordinator

Christy recently joined the Robinson Orthodontics team. She greets patients when they come into the office and performs other front desk duties. Christy loves to see the joy on the patients’ faces the day their braces are removed. She likes working with the team and Dr. Robinson. She believes Dr. Robinson is great to work for because he is a good doctor who is fun, understanding, enthusiastic, and genuinely cares for his patients. Christy is married to Casey. They have two daughters, Trystan and Halle and dogs, Lila and Maizie. In her free time, Christy loves working out, vacationing with family, and watching her daughters ride horses.

Courtney Photo

Courtney – Clinical Coordinator, CDA

Courtney has enjoyed working with the Robinson Orthodontics team since 2007 and has over ten years of experience. She loves being a part of creating confident smiles and getting to know our patients on a personal level. She appreciates the strong family values and Christian atmosphere our office upholds. Courtney and her husband, Juston, have two little girls, Presley and Piper and 3 Yorkies. She and her daughters love to be silly and have fun together singing, dancing and going to the park. Courtney also enjoys exercising, cooking, baking, and photography.

Heather Photo

Heather – Treatment Coordinator, Operations Manager

Heather has worked with Dr. Robinson and his team for over 19 years. She is proud to be a part of such an awesome group of individuals whom she considers family.  Her goal each day is to provide a positive, encouraging environment in the office while building a strong, knowledgeable team that grows both personally & professionally.  She also enjoys introducing all our patients to the world of Orthodontics, making their experience with our office the best it can be. She loves what she does &  feels very fortunate to work for a Doctor that truly cares about his patients and staff.  In her free time, she enjoys shopping, traveling, cooking, working out, and spending time with her family and friends, especially her daughter Ella.

Heidi Photo

Heidi – Orthodontic Assistant, RDA

Heidi has been with us for just over two years and has over 25 years of experience in the dental field. She enjoys the variety of tasks each day brings in our office and getting to know our patients a little better after each visit. The best part of Heidi's day is getting to see the joy on our patients' faces on the day they get their braces off. Heidi has one daughter, Victoria, and enjoys gardening, working out, and being active in her church. She's also an avid Panther fan!

Jessica Photo

Jessica – Financial Manager

Jessica helps our patients with all their financial needs, from initiating their contracts to filing insurance claims. She has worked at Robinson Orthodontics for over 10 years and enjoys keeping accounts organized, along with helping patients fit their budget the best way possible. She is very detail-oriented and loves working with our family of team members who are fun and compassionate about their work. Jessica is married to Derek and has two sons, Bodhi & Canon. She loves to read, organize, do crafts, watch movies, and watch her kids play sports.

Christy Photo

Christy S. – Financial Coordinator

Christy has nearly 20 years of experience in the dental field. She enjoys getting to know our patients and helping them work out payment plans to make orthodontic treatment affordable for their families. She loves working with our doctors because they take pride in their work and are very meticulous. She also loves and appreciates that they share their faith without hesitation. Christy attends Indian Trail Baptist Church and loves spending time with her church family. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Greg, and their two beautiful children, Zayne and Bailee. Christy loves going to the beach. She enjoys running, exercising, gardening and supporting Panthers and Steelers football!

Kimberly M. Photo

Kimberly – Front Office Coordinator

Kimberly joined our team in May 2011 and has worked in the dental field since 2006. She schedules appointments and assists patients with questions about financial options and insurance. She loves to see patients so pleased with their new smile after treatment. Kimberly believes the doctors are awesome Christian men who are always encouraging to the patients and staff, which is why she enjoys working in the office. Kimberly has five siblings. She and her husband have a beautiful daughter, Avery and a dog named Leroy. In her free time, Kimberly likes working out and seeing others achieve their health and fitness goals. She enjoys traveling and going on mission trips.

Anne Photo

Anne – Scheduling Coordinator

Anne joined the Robinson Orthodontics team in March 2016. She greets patients, schedules appointments and performs other front desk duties. Anne enjoys meeting and talking with patients and their families, and seeing the shining new smiles on the patients’ faces once their braces are removed.  Anne loves that Drs. Robinson and Kovach genuinely care about the patients and staff and believes the office is a great environment to work in. She and her husband, Chase, have two children, Logan and Avery, The family has a chocolate Lab, Missy. Anne enjoys pallet art, tennis, walking and reading in her free time.

Lee Photo

Lee – Scheduling Coordinator

Lee serves as our Scheduling Coordinator and handles our front desk duties. She has been with Robinson Orthodontics since 2012. Lee loves the people she works with, along with the patients and their families. She loves watching the kids grow and seeing the beautiful smiles at the end of treatment! Lee admires Drs. Robinson and Kovach’s passion for what they do, their strong faith, and the positive, family atmosphere that they have created in the office. In her spare time, Lee enjoys scrapbooking, reading, going to Bible studies, and watching her son, Cason, play baseball. She loves spending time with her family: her husband, Brad; their son, Cason; and Bichon, Lola.

Melissa Photo

Melissa – Clinical Coordinator

Melissa has worked at Robinson Orthodontics since 2011. She assists the doctors’ chairside, performs lab work and helps sterilize treatment tools. Overall, her goal is to make sure every patient has a pleasant experience at every visit. Melissa loves seeing the amazing smile transformations after treatment, and especially enjoys watching our younger patients’ self-esteem grow during treatment. She loves working with the doctors because they go above and beyond to provide quality care. Melissa and her husband, Scott, have a dog named Gunner. She spends her free time riding Harley’s, working out, mountain biking, playing with Gunner, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Tina Photo

Tina – Orthodontic Assistant

Tina maintains our laboratory appliances and ensures proper sterilization in our office. Tina enjoys developing relationships with our patients and their families. She loves working with Dr. Robinson because he loves what he does, and it is infectious on a daily basis! Tina loves spending time with her family, her boyfriend and her dog. She loves to travel and loves food and eating out. Tina is only 4’10”, but don’t let her size fool you!

HaleyP hoto

Haley – Orthodontic Assistant, CDA

Haley assists the doctors’ chairside, sterilizes instruments for treatment, and creates orthodontic appliances in the lab. She has worked at Robinson Orthodontics since July 2016. Haley likes seeing patients smile with much more confidence after treatment. She believes Dr. Robinson is a great teacher and leader. Haley plans to marry her fiancĂ©, Trevor, in November. She has one dog, a Golden Retriever named Macy. Haley loves spending time with her family, going to the mountains and baking yummy desserts.

Anita Photo

Anita – Scheduling Coordinator

Anita joined the Robinson Orthodontics team in July 2016, however she has worked in the orthodontic field for five years. Anita schedules appointments, greets patients and performs other front desk duties. She loves to see the patients smile transformations after their braces are removed. Anita’s daughter Brooke is a former patient of Drs. Robinson and Kovach. She and her daughter had a pleasant experience at the office and she was very pleased with the treatment results. Now working for Drs. Robinson and Kovach, Anita sees how they truly care for their patients and staff. Anita has two Chihuahuas, Tiki and Nico. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, attending concerts, and also Panthers football games.

Maggie Photo

Maggie – Records Technician

Maggie has been on our team since April 2017. As a Records Tech, she works with our new incoming patients and is responsible for their digital photographs, x-rays and impressions that we use to create custom-designed treatment plans. Maggie loves working with our patients and making them feel like part of the Robinson family, where the staff and doctors always make you feel appreciated and acknowledge your work. When not in the office, Maggie loves spending time with her husband, Joshua, and the rest of her friends and family traveling, mostly to the Caribbean, as well as shopping, indulging her Harry Potter fanaticism, and going to the beach.

Madison Photo

Madison – Orthodontic Assistant

Madison joined the practice in May 2017. She creates appliances and ensures proper sterilization in the office. Madison enjoys interacting with patients, learning new things every day and working with our uplifting and supportive team in a Christian and friendly atmosphere. She loves working with the doctors because she believes they are wonderful teachers and are always encouraging and inspiring her to be better. When she is not working, Madison enjoys spends quality time with her family and friends, traveling, and trying new recipes and restaurants.

Natalie Photo

Natalie H. – Scheduling Coordinator

Natalie happily joined the Robinson Orthodontics team in May 2017! As a Scheduling Coordinator, Natalie books appointments, greets patients when they enter the office and completes other front desk duties. Her two favorite parts of her job are getting to know the patients and seeing the before and after transformation! She also appreciates that Dr. R is a very caring, positive boss. When she’s not at work, Natalie enjoys spending time with her family, especially her sister. They like to travel, taking day trips together. She also has a wonderful boyfriend, Marty; a cat named Piper; and a Golden Retriever named Macy.

Ashley Photo

Ashley – Sterilization Technician

Ashley received braces from Dr. Robinson in 2013, and enjoyed her experience so much that she joined the Robinson Orthodontics team! Her duties include working in the lab, cleaning instruments, and chairside assisting. She is thrilled to be working with such an, enthusiastic, amazing, positive team every day. She loves meeting patients and seeing their reactions when they see their brand new smiles! Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, her incredible boyfriend, Aaron, and her dog, Ranger. She is a member of Hopewell Baptist Church. She enjoys visiting with her friends, attending Bible study, drinking coffee, and visiting the beach.

Kimberly Photo

Kimberly – Front Office Coordinator

Kimberly joined the Robinson Orthodontics team in November of 2017, with over a decade of experience in the dental field. She loves getting the chance to interact with patients, and enjoys the office environment Dr. Robinson has cultivated. Kimberly loves spending time with her family, including her husband, Kevin; her daughter, Ashlyn; her son, Noah; her stepdaughter, Courtney; her grandchildren, Mason and Madilyn; and her dogs, Max and Harlie. She also loves hiking, hitting the gym, shopping, and participating in events at her church, Benton Heights Presbyterian.



Dr. Robinson was very attentive to my concerns throughout my time at his practice. He made sure that my braces worked efficiently and that they were removed on schedule. He also ensured that my smile would stay beautiful for many years to come by adding permanent retainers.

Thank you for making my orthodontic appointments so much fun! I will truly miss you guys. Thank you Dr. Robinson for my new smile!

One of the best experiences that I have had. Dr. Robinson is the best, hands down! He and his staff treat you more like family than anything else. I always enjoyed my visits. My new smile is AMAZING and my self-esteem has increased tremendously because of it. Thanks Dr. Robinson for everything!!!!

One of the best experiences that I have had. Dr. Robinson is the best, hands down! He and his staff treat you more like family than anything else. My new smile is AMAZING. Thanks Dr. Robinson for everything!!!!